Replicator Sports Cars Ltd.,



Wheelbase                          -             2240mm

Length                                -             3840mm

Front Track                         -             1420mm

Rear Track                          -             1450mm

Height to bottom of screen    -              860mm

Kerbside Weight                   -              730kg

Design Weight  (front axle)   -               450kg

Design Weight  (rear axle)    -               500kg

Engine Capacity                   -            2.0 litre

Engine Type                        -             4 cyl (in-line)

Wheel/Tyre Size                  -             205/50/16*

Fuel Tank Capacity              -             8 gallons

                                                       (36 litres)



*(wheel and tyre combinations, based on our suggestion, other sizes/ combinations can be used, however,

we suggest 15" dia, wheels be used as a minimum)



our demonstrator , fitted with the

optional 'Brooklands' aero-screens

Replicator RT3 - Interior,

functional and practical

These specifications are intended as a general guide, and whilst the overall dimensions given are accurate, performance or power output is not quoted,since this is dependant on the chosen engine type, and the level of tuning or modifications applied to it. We have based our design on a 2.0 litre 4 cylinder in line engine installation, but there is ample scope to fit other engine types, and allowance has been made during the chassis design , for this purpose. The engine fitted to our demonstrator is a stock 2.0 litre 'ford' pinto engine, which has been fitted with ford fuel injection, it provides a smooth reliable power source, and around 125 bhp.

                                                                                                              As stated previously, more engine/gearbox options will be available as we develop further, with the ford 'zetec' and 'duratec' and the mazda mx-5 top of our list, but  we are open to suggestion and will investigate any enquiry for other installations, this is a no obligation service.


useful size boot area, and lockable.


Replicator RT3

The grille is our own design, and features a built in edging strip, as opposed to the

original 'egg-crate' design, this not only

serves to put or own distinctive mark on the car, it provides an option, since customers can purchase it with a mesh

infill, as an alternative.